The explosive growth of smartphone use is straining wireless carriers’ ability to provide high-speed Internet connections. As more and more of the nearly 11 million people who live in the Chicago area use smartphones and connected tablets, there’s less and less capacity to handle the amount of data streaming through the airwaves.

Chicago, in particular, is suffering from a lack of spectrum capacity, and if you haven’t felt any slowdowns or increased buffering with your mobile connection yet, you likely will soon – there’s only so much bandwidth to go around, especially during peak hours.

Laser is managing the sale of 12 MHz of high-quality 700 MHz A Block spectrum in the greater Chicago metropolitan area that could be used by wireless carriers to increase capacity and help meet the skyrocketing demand for mobile high-speed data.  


It's time for more mobile broadband service in Chicago

the 700 Mhz a block spectrum license will increase wireless capacity in chicago