Testing Demonstrates Limited Potential for Interference

Since the closing of the acquisition of Leap Wireless, Laser has conducted extensive field and laboratory testing to quantify the potential for interference from the operation of the 700 MHz License on the adjacent Channel 51 TV broadcast spectrum. Laser's testing included significant participation by independent engineering and spectrum experts. The results of the testing, which Laser has shared publicly, indicate that the potential for interference with adjacent TV broadcast operations is de minimis and that a broad range of network management strategies and simple, common-sense viewer actions can substantially mitigate any interference that may occur.

Amendment of CVR Agreement

 Laser, AT&T, Inc. and others are parties to the Contingent Value Rights Agreement which provided for the issuance of the CVRs and also provided that Laser would be responsible during specified periods for the sale of the 700 MHz License. A copy of the CVR agreement can be accessed on this website at "About Us" - "Select SEC Filings of Leap Wireless/CVR Agreement".

​ On September 15, 2015, the parties to the CVR Agreement amended the agreement to extend the time during which Laser is responsible for conducting the 700 MHz License sale. Generally, under the terms of the amended agreement, Laser has until March 13, 2017 to enter into an agreement for the sale of the 700 MHz License, and until January 13, 2018 to close the sale contemplated by such agreement, as provided in greater detail in the amended CVR Agreement. If Laser does not meet the time requirement for entering into a sale agreement, AT&T is permitted to take such actions as it determines to dispose of the 700 MHZ License.

Concurrence of FTS to Spectrum Operation

In December 2013, a subsidiary of Leap Wireless filed a Request for Waiver of the FCC's TV/DTV interference protection rules to permit the 700 MHz License to be deployed and operated across the greater Chicago metropolitan area.  Separately, Laser asked Fox Television Stations (FTS), the company that operates Channel 51 in Chicago, for its concurrence to the operation of the 700 MHz License.

In September 2015, Laser and FTS entered into an agreement under which FTS concurred to the operation of the 700 MHz License, subject to the condition that the future owner/operator of the spectrum take all appropriate measures to avoid and mitigate interference to TV households in the greater Chicago area.  In addition, the agreement requires a future payment to FTS and is subject to FCC consent.  The agreement terminates if a spectrum sale agreement has not been entered into by March 13, 2017 and closed by March 13, 2018. 

In accordance with the terms of the concurrence agreement, Laser has withdrawn its Request for Waiver to the FCC, although Laser has reserved the right to refile such a request should circumstances warrant in the future. 

June 19, 2015

Field Study Test Report

​​​From time to time, LASER will update information on this website to reflect actions it has taken to unlock the value of the 700 MHz A block spectrum in Chicago.



​​​December 6, 2013

Petition of Cricket License Company, LLC

Exhibit A - Coverage Maps and Exclusion Zones

Exhibit B - Intertek Report

Exhibit C - Newfield Report

January 31, 2014

FCC Public Notice - Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Seeks Comment on Request by Cricket License Company for Waiver of Section 27.60 for Lower 700 MHz A Block License

March 18, 2014  Reply Comments of Laser, Inc.

Reply Comments of Competitive Carriers Association

July 3, 2014  Supplemental Ex Parte Comments of Laser, Inc.

August 14, 2014

Supplemental Ex Parte​ Comments of Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace, LLC

October 25, 2013

FCC Report and Order and Order of Proposed Modification Promoting Interoperability in the 700 MHz Commercial Spectrum 

June 26, 2015  OET Ex Parte Filing   OET Presentation

July 7, 2015 Ex Parte Submission of Laser, Inc., WT Docket No. 14-17

June 7, 2016

Assignment of WQJQ707 from Leap Licensco to T-Mobile as filed

Form 601 Modification of WQJQ707 as filed 6-7-16.pdf

700 MHz Performance Status Report Confirmation

Key fcc filings

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